30th December 2017

Product Buying Services

No More Paperwork, Tax or Duty to Worry About!

Delivered Right to Your Door...​


Lin High Power product buying services were established in Yangon, Myanmar in 2012. Product buying services (buying services or purchasing services) are offered by people or companies to buy goods or property on behalf of another party. LHP can import permitted goods for you from the UK, EU, Japan, and China. There are agents for all kinds of products, from raw material commodities through to specialised custom equipment. We help you to buy from UK EU China & Japan online all kinds of products you wish to buy.You don’t have to worry about import tax or loss of your items anymore. You can just kick back and relax while we take care of everything to deliver your items straight to Yangon.

UK EU China & Japan Product Buying Services 

Buying Online from UK & EU 
We understand expats from the UK and EU residing in Myanmar are unable to order items from sites like Amazon and eBay. 
You can’t buy top branded clothes, bags, shoes like Chanel or Céline and another brand from online. Now you can with us!


Buying Online From China & Japan 
While buying online from China & Japan may be quite difficult.
(websites in Chinese & Japanese language, payment with China Ali-pay or Chinese local bank account, no international Visa, Master-card accepted by Chinese sellers, etc.), But with our LHP Product Buying service, we make your shopping feasible, cheap and easy.
When we buy from UK EU Japan & China on your behalf, we consult you regarding sellers reputation, items quality and overall order process and time. We ensure that you get the items exactly as you have ordered and combine all the products for international shipping from UK EU Japan & China directly to your place.

For China

  • Since Taobao.com and other some retail website has no English version, we help you to search Taobao and another Chinese website in English.
  • Taobao.com is China’s largest online marketplace, that is why we give the priority to Taobao shopping service, but you can also ask us to search your desired item at the following Chinese websites: alibaba.com, eachnet.com, paipai.com, dangdang.com, Amazon.cn, vancl.com, 360buy.com and other Chinese online shops or shopping websites.
  • In case you can’t find some specific items on Taobao.com or other online websites or photos we can assist you in searching and providing item information in English  – just ask us.

For Japan

Do you want to buy something from Japan? 
But not that easy you have to deal with:

  • Japanese websites which you can’t use outside of Japan or most of them are with only Japanese language.
  • Sellers who won’t ship overseas.
  • Japan-only forms of payment.
  • Companies which can’t answer pre-sales questions in English.
  • Time-sensitive sales and pre-orders which you need help with ASAP.
  • In case you can’t find some specific items or other online websites or photos we can assist you in searching and providing item information in English  – just ask us.

 For the UK & EU

  • Just by providing us with an online link or screenshot we can deliver the item(s) straight to Yangon.
  • Or if you wish to purchase items(s) yourself online, you can choose to deliver them to any of  LHP addresses located in the UK EU & Japan.
  • In case you can’t find some specific items or other online websites or photos we can assist you in searching and providing item information in English  – just ask us.

You can focus on business, and we handle everything until you get products. Working with us, you will save both Time and Money.

  • Procurement from China & Japan is not a job for an easy job. It’s time-consuming and requires experience to do effectively. Anyone can jump on Alibaba and get quotes till they come up with the cheapest price. But this is unlikely to produce strong results.
  • Avoid The Common Risks of Chinese & Japan Procurement
    If you haven’t done business in China & Japan before, it’s worth knowing some of the common pitfalls that working with a procurement agent will help you avoid.
  • Before you’ve confirmed and placed your order with us it’s very important to ‘dot the ‘I’s’ and cross the ‘t’s’.
  • You must make sure any specific product requirements i.e. color, packaging, technical details are given to us at this point.
  • Once you’ve given the final specifications we’ll go and do all the hard work so you can get on with running your business!
  • Many people shop around and choose the supplier based on price. This is problematic.
  • How do you know if you’re comparing like for like the product?
  • You are much more likely to be cheated or receive inferior defective product if you do this.

    You need the right supplier for your purpose.

  • For example, if you’re selling on eBay the competition is fierce.
  • If the product is simple, you need a low cost, small workshop who has little management or marketing overhead to get the pricing needed.
  • If your product is more complicated – choosing small, unsophisticated suppliers could be a disaster because the defect rate will go through the roof.
  • Even good factories make mistakes.
  • One of the best factories we’ve ever worked with who produces world class product confused our specs with other clients and we ended up with the wrong product.
  • Had these items been shipped off, there would have been major issues.
  • Factories are hopeless at coming up with suitable packaging to protect your goods – unless you ask them.
  • Put serious thought into the packing method used.
  • If they don’t have any online/mail order sellers then please realize they may not be familiar with the brutality of a lot of courier companies.
  • Having an experienced consultant in China to manage the ordering process can avoid these and other common procurement pitfalls.
  • Are you even dealing with a factory currently making your product?
  • Does the reality on the ground match their story?
  • Do they have skilled workers, the right equipment, and product packaging?
  • You won’t find out the true story until you visit the factory.
  • Even then if you don’t know what to look for or ask – you’ll get in trouble.
  • Whether you have contacted factories in China yourself or we have sourced products for you in the house, the purchasing process of goods from Chinese factories is all handled by the LHP Guangzhou office.
  • Before we make payments to factories we first need to verify their credentials. Once we have established this and signed all relevant contracts with the factory here’s what happens:
  • The usual terms are to make a 30% deposit to the factory/factories for the goods. The balance is then paid once goods have passed our quality control checks and delivered to our warehouse ready for export. Upon receipt of the goods, we will pay the remaining 70%. Smart importers structure payments to factories contingent on certain goals being met. 
  • Your supplier will pay more attention to your wishes if he has spent 70% of his sale price to buy raw materials and components and has only received a 30% deposit from you. This offers you leverage in any future negotiations. You never pay the remainder until the quality is confirmed by your own independent inspectors.
  • As we are able to pay for goods in Chinese Yuan we can in some cases obtain a better purchasing price.
  • When you order with LHP you will receive two invoices.
  • The first is for the cost of goods, Delivery fees in China. This invoice is to be paid to the seller through LHP. You can pay by bank transfer or at LHP Yangon office Tharkayta brunch.
  • Once your goods arrive in YGN you will be invoiced by either our YGN company LHP for the shipping, handling, VAT and duty costs.
  1. Send us your product requirements using this form.
  2. You will receive a quotation from us within 2 working days. We are closed on Sunday.
  3. Once you have confirmed the price, we will send you product samples for quality checking.
  4. If you are satisfied, we will proceed with the order.
  5. We will then inspect the quality and help you manage to ship.
  6. Pay us a service fee with the last payment of your order.
  7. Pay the courier fees when the items arrive at your doorsteps.