23rd February 2017

About Us


Services Licences: 89 (2/5/2001)

LIN HIGH POWER (LHP) Services Ltd. was established on May 2nd, 2001. LHP has been a pioneer and leading provider of quality services in Myanmar. Some of which include security, electrical & telecommunication services, professional cleaning services, and import & marketing services. The company was founded in 2001 by the chairman Ms Pauline together with managing directors and engineers including layers of experienced professionals from worldwide. From the year 2008, LHP started providing services in the recruitment and management of local employees, supervised by a team of highly experienced consultants and service providers. Our establishment includes a dynamic management team comprising of many highly motivated management consultants and service providers who are fully committed to assisting businesses worldwide.

LHP aims to become a leading business in Myanmar representing the country around the globe, and wishes to achieve market demand for labour efficiency, consistency, and integrity. We also aim to assist and facilitate the employees across Myanmar to secure jobs at the lowest cost possible.

LHP can provide highly reliable services because we are managed by a team of professionals who combine their specialized knowledge and expertise in the fields of recruitment and management of the employees. Our teams have won many accolades for excellent services and client satisfaction from many different companies.

Our long-term mission is to serve the people of Myanmar and to provide essential services for businesses from around the globe with honesty, integrity, efficiency, and consistency. At the same time, we wish to help the government of Myanmar to promote the reputation through our sincere, honest and excellent services.

In the past years, LHP has provided consultancy services to more than 184 employers in Asia by supplying suitable, qualified and skilled workers. We have enough facilities to provide sufficient accommodation, transportation, and management services for the workers. At LHP, every measure is taken seriously by all our staffs to produce the best and qualified workers following a thorough selection process tailored to clients’ requirement. We are highly confident in providing a better and efficient service to fulfil our client’s’ requirements. With strong support and trust from our clients, we are motivated to continue providing satisfactory services and to reach all the needs and exceptions of our clients from across the globe.

Today, LHP has expanded into a multinational service provider comprising of many different services. The following is a brief timeline of LHP from 2000 to today.



  • Security and CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) installation services.
  • Marketing services for local start-up companies.


  • Incorporated as Lin High Power Co., Ltd.


  • Began providing electrical services across Myanmar.


  • Began providing telecommunication (PA BX) services across Myanmar.
  • Began providing consultation services for security and complex system designs.
  • We also installed a range of high-tech security systems such as:
    • CCTV, CCVE and multi-camera video surveillance system
    • Pinhole, hidden and wireless remote monitoring system
    • Analog and digital multi-camera management system
    • Audio/video intercom door and gate monitoring system
    • Analogue and digital multiplexer and PC based DVR system
    • Standalone and computerized card access control system
    • Computerised door and alarm monitoring system
    • Fire alarm and burglar alarm system
    • Motion, smoke, gas, heat and fence intrusion detection system
    • Started a travel & tours agency for worldwide


  • Started an employment agency for Myanmar for companies in Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan
  • The First Started providing cleaning services in Myanmar


  • Expanded the employment agency to recruit for companies in Japan


  • Started import & export services for China
  • Extend Products Buying Services form China


  • Expanded the employment agency to recruit for companies in Thailand
  • Started import & export services for Thailand
  • Started business franchise & consultation services
  • Extend Products Buying Services form Thailand


  • Expanded the local employment agency to recruit for companies, factory, and construction in Myanmar
  • Supply to the company’s, factory and construction outsourcing
  • The first opening cleaning Training centre  in Myanmar
  • Train the cleaner and get the suitable job for them
  • We have cleaning customer more than 600 over


  • Started providing legal services Law Firm for domestic and  international investors in Myanmar


  • Extend products buying services from the UK & EU
  • Started providing education services for Myanmar students to study abroad
  • Opened the very first training school for professional cleaning in Myanmar